Sunday 9th May 2010 - Married for 3327 days

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Seth - 10 May 2010
Thanks again for a great day. All the hard work paid off and it was good to see it all go without a hitch (apart from the minibus!!!). Congratulations xxx

Laura,Luke & Ethan - 10 May 2010
Just wanted to say a big thank you for letting us share your special day, Gemma you looked stunning and Jamie looked lovely too. we enjoyed the whole day xxx

Kerry - 8 May 2010
Wow, three children later you are finally making an honest woman of Gemma! Am really exited and looking forward to seeing you and Gemma in your finary. Plus Neil in a suit! XXXX Big hugs and kisses.

mum - 8 May 2010
Really excited. Can't wait to see you xxx

Helen & Terry - 7 May 2010
2 days to go!! We're so excited! xx

Lucy and Andy - 1 May 2010
Can't wait Gemma and Jamie, your big day is going to be wonderful! Hope you get some time to relax this week. Love the website idea too! xx

Gemma - 19 April 2010
Thanks Kate! x

Kate and Neil :) xx - 19 April 2010
Website looks fab, looking forward to the big day :)

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